Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Favorite Shirt

Man, I love a good polka dot. Almost as much as I love stripes. And plaid. And checks. Oh, and paisley too. But really, polka dots are my jam these days. I have been eyeing this totally awesome polka-dot Oxford at the Gap for weeks.


I know you can't see the dots in that picture but they're there. Trust me. The only thing holding me back was the price tag. It retails for $49.95. While I appreciate the quality of Gap clothing, it goes against my nature to pay full price for anything. This past weekend everything was 30% off. What luck! I snapped it up, along with a skinny studded belt and went on my merry way!

Can't get enough of dots like me? Here are some other options........


This one is from my other lover, J. Crew, but the dots are super tiny on it as well and you can't see them in this shot. It does come in other colors, unlike the Gap option. But, it also costs a lot more at $78.


If chambray is your thing, you might try Madewell's Dotted Chambray boyshirt for $72. I saw this in the store and it looks super comfy, casual in person. I know chambray is in right now but I just haven't decided if I can get into it yet.


And if you're working on a budget, here is Old Navy's take. The quality of clothing at Old Navy as far inferior to the establishments listed above but the price also reflects that. On sale now for $24.97. This one is chambray too but I like the darker wash.

For about 2 seconds, I thought if I could find the right broadcloth fabric, I could have sewed my own. Then I decided I'd rather save the time and toil. Somethings are just aren't many to be handmade.

What have you been coveting lately?

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