Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cowls coming

You guys. I am all about the handmade gift when it’s done right. Those clutches I made for my staff and co-workers last year? Rave reviews! But, I started those in July and sewed them in 2 rounds and was still overwhelmed by the amount of work that went into them. And then, 5 days before Christmas, I decided I NEEDED a plaid shirt for Christmas. Like, in the worst way. It turned out for the best but really, what is wrong with me?
If I am anything, I am a girl who does not always learn from her mistakes. This year, I decided my handmade holiday would include knit cowls and scarves. Cowls for everyone! I proclaimed. Luckily, cowls knit up quickly. Unluckily, I only have 4 done and I need 10. Additionally, I don’t like the yarn I used for 2 of them and would rather not gift them. For the next 6 weeks, I will be a knitting fool! The downside of this project is that every new skein of yarn I buy is awesome and I want to knit the cowl for myself. All the cowls for Ashley! That’s not really in the giving spirit though, is it. I do have 2 9 hour car rides coming up next week so I’m hoping to make amazing progress then. Stay tuned!

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  1. I'm attempting the same thing, only in crochet form! What yarns are you using? -Alison Ortenzi


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