Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recipe Reblog: Thanksgiving Recipe Re-hash

Well, I think I survived Thanksgiving. I haven't stepped on the scale yet so I suppose that's the true test of survival. Somehow, I only got to eat Thanksgiving once. Not even any leftovers. What is that about? I tried two new recipes this year for our little gathering. I know you're not supposed to debut recipes for the Big Show but I did anyway. So there.

Lightened Up Green Bean Casserole: This came from How Sweet It is and it was GOOD! Fair warning, it was quite a lot of active work whereas the traditional green bean casserole involves dumping cans in a casserole and popping it in the oven. This one uses fresh green beans and I nixed the mushrooms in the recipe but kept everything else the same. It was delicious and I think you should try it. This would even be good on a day that's not Thanksgiving but I thought it was a refreshing change from the sometimes tasteless green bean casserole that appears on buffets all across the country.

Pumpkin Pecan Pie: Some of the adults wanted pumpkin pie. Some also wanted pecan. (Just FYI - I'm referencing only 3 adults here, the 4th adult wanted chocolate. 2 year old gets no vote) This recipe from Baking with Blondie mixed the two in a layered pie that did not disappoint. I am not a baker but I think I did a pretty good job, although I should have pulled it out of the oven sooner. Don't be afraid to take some help from a pre-made crust. Ain't no shame in that. I would have liked a little more pumpkin flavor as the pecans were prominent but it was still super tasty.

How was your Thanksgiving table? Try any new recipes?

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