Monday, November 26, 2012

Not Your Grandma's Gingerbread

Bring on the Christmas beers! I have a slew of beers to highlight from our North Carolina trip but this we drank before we left town. Once again, we had already made our selections when this caught our eye at the store. We are such suckers.

This is a special offering from Sam Adams only available in the 22 oz. bottle for about $6.99. You can't tell but it has cute little gingerbread men on the label. Yes, it's a gingerbread beer.

From the site: "This rich dark gingerbread stout entices with the aromas of the holidays, hinting at the merriment and spices within.  The flavor of gingerbread comes alive beginning with the smooth sweetness and heartiness of dark roasted malts and a touch of wheat.  But it’s the intensity and spices of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, & ginger that add a wicked kick for a jolly playful brew full of merry mischief."

This was like liquid gingerbread. It sure was smooth, even at 9% ABV (alcohol by volume). It debuted this year but I think it might stick around as a special holiday offering. I liked it but I don't know that I would go out of my way to make a repeat purchase. John, on the other hand, couldn't get enough and said he'd buy it again and again. It is worth trying if you can find it.

Another gingerbread beer coming up in my North Carolina Brew Review........

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