Monday, November 5, 2012

Thoughts on a Monday

  • I started watching The Walking Dead on AMC this season. If you're not watching this, you are missing out. If you think you won't be into it because it's about zombies and zombies are like, so dumb? You are mistaken. The problem with Walking Dead is that now I dream about zombies and having to fight them. John started this show in its second season and would tell me all the time that he dreamed about zombies. Foolishly, I laughed at him. People, this is a real affliction. Killing zombies in your dreams is no joke. But, I feel pretty confident in my skills should we ever find ourselves in a zombie-pocalypse.
  • This past summer I bought a Groupon for hot yoga, something I've always wanted to try. This was a STEAL at less than $4/class.  I love sweating! If you're unfamiliar, hot yoga is yoga practiced in a room that is cranked up to 100 degrees. I finally went to my first class last week and had to sit down twice because my vision was spotty and I thought I would pass out. That's a pretty intense work out. But, after that feeling passed, I kept on going -- which they encourage. The teacher said even if you have to rest for 20 minutes, just do it. I have never sweat so much from so little movement in my entire life. I sweat out over 2 lbs in the 90 minute class. I have 9 more classes to go and I'm hoping this will help me detox through the holidays and keep those Christmas cookie pounds at bay. It will also give me an excuse to spend mass quantities of money on new Lululemon yoga gear. If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas for me, just go to the Lulu website and buy anything.
  • I am on a quest to make my anything-but-curly hair much curlier. I have been attempting this hair curling technique using a flat iron. I can get about 3 perfect curls and then the rest of them go wonky on me. I don't get it. I think I need a new flat iron (also on my Christmas list.) One day, I will post a picture of my Shirley Temple hair in triumph. Just you wait.....
  • I have been a knitting fool these days (more on that when projects near completion). Step aside fabric, yarn has become my new drug. Like, my former drug dealer (Joann's) also pushes my new product. Boy, do they ever. It takes all my strength not to buy skein after skein to knit yet anything scarf or cowl for myself. I mean, really. How many cowls can one girl wear at the same time? I'll tell you. The answer is one. One at a time or else you look like a crazy person.

That's all I got, friends. Get out and vote tomorrow! Only one more day of enduring political ads........

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