Wednesday, July 15, 2009


OK, so I have got to find something fun to do this weekend. Last weekend, we had a short outing in a nearby town that was cute and I plan to take my mom back there next weekend when they visit. (oops - better get cleaning!) But part of our day was also spent waiting around for the repair man to tell us the washing machine in the condo is so old, they don't make the parts anymore. We're going on 3 weeks with no washer and multiple trips to the laundromat. Laundromats are expensive, yo. Supposedly, a new washer is being ordered tonight and I'm praying it can be delivered tomorrow or Friday as opposed to blocking out another 4 hours on Saturday. Anyway, I'm also trying to plan something fun and exciting. We are going to a Mexican restaurant we've never been to before on Saturday for dinner but I'm hoping something else could happen in the afternoon. My front runner is a winery down by Cincinnati. Mama loves the grape. But, I'm open to suggestions.

In other news, my new hero is Dick's Sporting Goods. I bought my Brooks there before my 5K if you'll remember. Since then, my feet are killing me! The ball of my right foot feels like I'm stepping on a nail every time I walk, let alone run or zumba. Having worn them about 10 times I thought, there's no way they'll take these back. But, I didn't even have to get tough with them, which I was fully prepared to do. I explained the situation and they said, "That's valid. We can refund the purchase." I'm sorry, come again? I don't even have to mess with store credit? SCORE! So, while I'd like to give Dick's my business for being a stand up establishment, I think I should go get fitted (after going to the podiatrist) like I should have done in the first place. Ay dios mio! Stay tuned. I'm hoping the right shoes will make me run on air.

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  1. I didn't know you liked to refer to yourself as "Mama"....


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