Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Last week, I bought my first bag of mellowcreme pumpkins. Not even two weeks into September and I'm already fist deep in Brach's. This is a slippery slope. Now I'm going to spend the next couple weeks rationing out pumpkins between John and me. Mark my words. Then I can do a second post when that bag is finished about how ashamed I am that we polished off the first bag so quickly. I think you either love or hate candy corn. I, obviously, LOVE it. I am totally Team Candy Corn. I like the autumn mix but I don't like the chocolate ones. Those are always languishing in the bowl at the very end because John doesn't like them either. There's often some sort of bargaining involved, "I can have a real one if I eat a chocolate one first." The pumpkins are my absolute favorite though.

1) Pumpkins
2) Maples from the mix
3) Classic Candy Corn
4) Banana corn-shapes from the mix
5) Chocolate Candy corn and also the bats from the mix

Yes, if you're wondering, I just ranked my preferred order of candy corn. These are the thoughts that consume my time.


In a recent zumba class, I caught a whiff of some serious B.O. during the warm-up. I spent the next 3 songs trying to surreptitiously surmise if the offending odor was coming from me. This involved my slyly trying to sniff my armpits during various moves in which my arms were above my head. Can you picture it? My investigation proved that I wasn't smelly but I'm still not sure from whence it came. And, what if I had been the Stinky McSmellsALot? What would I really have done at that point as I still had the whole class to get through? I guess we'll never know.

Happy Birthday to my husband, John!

(Not that he's reading this)

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