Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recipe Re-blog #36

I thought I'd be really tired of finding new recipes to make by now. I was wrong.

Ginger-Soy Chicken: This is one of Rachael Ray's Make-Your-Own-Take-Out recipes from her book, 365: No Repeats. I am always up for a stir fry of sorts. They are quick and easy and can be done very healthfully. The original recipe calls for you to put the chicken over shredded lettuce. Pass. I put it over brown rice. Give me carbs! I also instructed John not to buy fresh ginger if it was too expensive. It was, so I subbed in 1 tsp. of dried ginger instead. Additionally, because I was putting it over rice and wanted more sauce, I added 1/2 c. of chicken stock when you pour in the tamari. I also upped the tamari to 1/3 c. This added liquid turned out to be the perfect amount. If you're looking for a quick weeknight meal, give this a shot. Carbs or not.

P.S. Will September 11th forever be a "where were you" day? I was a freshman in college, walking home from Art History when I heard people talking about planes crashing in fields. I headed up to my dorm room and some neighbors down the hall were watching the coverage. This was probably around 10:30-11:00 am. My roommate and I went to the student center because the TV's there were larger. It was packed with people. None of the phones worked. Classes were cancelled the next day. We all just somberly sat around watching the coverage unfold.

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