Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recipe Re-blog #37

This post almost didn't happen. I made the recipe and all but come Saturday afternoon, I realized I never blogged about it. So, in the midst of cooking and cleaning for dinner guests, here we are. John's outside doing yard work. Hopefully he stays out there and doesn't come in and catch me blogging while I'm supposed to be dusting. Recognize the obvious gender assigned tasks here.

Salt and Vinegar Potatoes: Sometimes, my side dishes are lacking. I'm very quick to make plain rice or baked potatoes just to round out a meal. I thought I should step it up. These potatoes are an amalgam of roasted/smashed/baked potatoes. They had good salt and vinegar-y flavor. We really enjoyed them. However, there are multiple steps. A simple side, this was not. It seemed simple in theory. It tricked me. You have to boil the potatoes first. I put them on the stove and promptly forgot about them in order to hold a laundry party. (This is a party in which all invitees fold and put away their laundry. Wild.) Then, you mash them down, season them up and finish them in the oven. So, they still took about an hour. The end result was good though so, if you've got the time, give them a try...mmm. Did that rhyme with time? It does in my head.

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