Monday, September 26, 2011

Weighty Sadie

We have failed our dog child. I don't know how this happened. Well, I know how it happened but I feel badly this it's come to this. Let's back up. Last Saturday, we took Sadie to the vet for her annual heartworm check. They were just going to take her back to do the blood draw when I asked to see how much she weighs. Sadie hopped up on the scale and danced around as the numbers went up and up. I gasped audibly when they landed on 25.4. Twenty-five point four pounds!? This cute little baby was only supposed to be 15 lbs (though the breeder most certainly fudged that number). She had been holding strong around 22 for a couple years. When did this happen?

Not only that but we were refilling the prescription with the vet assistant said, "She's over 25 lbs." I was quick to reply, "We are going to work on that." She looked at me skeptically and said, "Really? Because over 25 is supposed to get a larger dose." And I said, "Yes, absolutely." I'm sure she didn't believe me because she asked twice, but gave us the lower dose all the same. Turn away with your judge-y eyes, lady.

Admittedly, we do not walk her regularly. Shameful, yes. This has got to change. We don't feed her people food except for what I call 'cereal time.' Every morning when I pull out the cereal box, Sadie comes running. She screeches to a halt by my feet and stares at the ground waiting for the rogue flakes to spill while pouting. Full disclosure.......if I am not clumsy and manage not to spill any cereal, I'll give her a flake anyway. But really! One flake a day does not equal this weight gain. Her eyes look so pitiful when I don't drop any that she shames me into giving her some cereal too. So, I'm blaming it on her probably only weekly walks and additionally, the spoonfuls of peanut butter that my mother-in-law gives her because she feels badly for Sadie. Don't feel badly for Sadie. She's a little porker!

So both dog and dog mother are now on a renewed health and fitness kick. Sadie, because those extra pounds are not good for her small frame, and me, because Mexico is only 3 weeks away!

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