Thursday, December 1, 2011

To E-read, or Not to E-read....

As you are likely aware, I love to read. If you didn't know that, then you haven't been paying very close attention to my blog. I love books. I love my library. I love book stores. But, my friends, I am at a literary crossroads. Do I want an e-reader? Since the advent of the Kindle, Nook, etc., I have been staunchly against them. Never do I want to see my bookstores and libraries suffer any further due to technology as they certainly already have. But, the other day on my library's website I discovered that I can download books for free to a Kindle. So really, I'm still supporting the library's circulation and getting my read on. Right?

Then, there's this other little matter. I am constantly waiting on the Hold list for books. Some of these lists take me months to move to the numero uno spot and it's very frustrating. I read relatively quickly and yet the books that I'm waiting for never seem to be ready for me. My fellow library patrons must be slow-poke readers. If I could download all the new releases in addition to the classics and other older books, I could read even faster! But, I do so love to hold a book in my hands and crack open its spine for the first time. If I could get over wanting to hold the book, this is a vote for yes, yes?

Here's another little peccadillo. I heard the other day that smart phones and other gadgets can impede sleep because they slow down the release of melatonin into your body. If you are using these devices near bedtime, your brain does not have enough time to properly relax before bed. I already have trouble sleeping and reading can often calm my busy thoughts. Do I really want to calm down while staring at a screen? And would this really be as cute behind the glow of a screen?

You can surely see my dilemma. Do you have an e-reader? PLEASE WEIGH IN!

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