Monday, September 10, 2012

August Running Round-Up

My apologies for the belatedness of this running post. I know you were all on the edge of your seats wondering how my runs played out in the month of August. Please forgive me!

Aug 4: 4 mi OT in 44:00, ???
Aug 7: 4 mi TM in 35:14, 9:45/9:00/8:23/8:06, tightness
Aug 8: 2 mi TM in 17:09
Aug 11: 4 mi OT in 38:00, that's more like it
Aug 12: 6 mi OT in 57:00, longest OT run ever, 9:30 pace 
Aug 14: 4 mi TM on 36:12, 9:51/9:15/8:46/8:20, decent 
Aug 15: 1.3 mi in 11:30, tired
Aug 18: 3.1 mi TM in 30:00, stiff
Aug 19: 7 mi OT in 1:18, first half strong, 2nd half painful
Aug 21: 4.5 mi TM in 39:56, 9:30/9:04/9:00/8:??- tough
Aug 22: 1 mi TM in 8:58
Aug 27: 8 mi TM in 1:18:12, had to stop a lot, felt weird
Aug 29: 4.5 mi in 41:00, 2 OT in 18:45, 2.5 TM

Total: 53.4 miles

Yea hooray!!! I went over 50 miles. Actually, this is the most miles I've run in a month ever. I felt like there were a few days of good running mojo but there were definitely also some clunkers in there. I completeld my longest run yet at 8 miles but it was broken up. After the first 2 miles, I felt really nauseous and had to take a break for about 10 minutes. Then I ran the last 6, plus it was all treadmill. Less than 6 weeks until the half marathon and my longest outdoor run thus far is 7 miles. So, I have some work to do but I'll get there. In other running news, I bought a new running skirt at The North Face outlet and it is rocking my world! The under shorts have special grippy things (technical term) that keep them in place and it has a handy zipper pouch in the back.


Also, in honor of my most recent weight loss goal, I treated myself to a Zippy Run tank from Lululemon. I didn't realize they had opened a store at the mall by my office and had to check out the hype for myself. It was greatly reduced to $24. It has 3 pockets in the back and the bra is adjustable. Also, I bought it in an 8, which made my day. I had to buy it in light pink. It was that or white and I thought the pink would last longer. We shall see.

And this month, the best song on my playlist was The Wanted's Chasing the Sun. Very peppy and uplifting! Also loving Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men.

I'm posting this on a rest day but I'm typing it the day before my 9 miles outside. Wish me luck, retroactively!

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