Thursday, September 6, 2012

Second Street Market

Although downtown Dayton isn't the swankiest place to hang out, it does have a few little gems in the Gem City. A favorite of John's and mine is the Second Street Market. Run by the Metroparks, the market boasts many varied vendors and has something for everyone! We like to go on Saturday mornings to get breakfast and pick up veggies, spices, etc. However, we think we ought to go for lunch some day. There are a lot more interesting sounding lunch options available these days.

It's relatively small comparatively, if you're familiar with other large farm markets. Just one lane of stalls and vendors. But, it does have seating inside and out to enjoy all kinds of cuisine. Crepes, New Zealand meat pies, Thai, Eastern European, Mexican and so on. Open only on Thursday, Friday, Saturday though so plan accordingly.

And now, a brief photo tour.........

Sorry for the blurry shot. Hopefully you can see it's one long lane of vendors and booths. Please note: not air conditioned. Can get quite sticky in the summer. If you come in the main center entrance, you'll see mostly food options. Further down in either direction you'll find flowers, fruits, veggies, etc. All locally grown.

Looking for a pretzel the size of your head? There's a delicious bread stand with all kinds of breads, bagels, and all things wheat. Lots of free samples here too.

This dessert display case was new since the last time I visited. Too pretty to pass up, John ordered a pumpkin whoopie pie and I had the salted chocolate chip cookie. Both amazing. I mean. AMAZING. If you're looking for sweets, there was also a new toffee candy stand that was incredble and Sweet P's Ice pops with very inventive popsicle flavors. Lots of people were buying those, even at 9:00 am.

There's a large pottery vendor where the artist throws his clay right there for you to see. Also to enjoy a wine booth, salsa place, spices (BEST prices around), cheese, local meat, maple syrup, ECO friendly green items,   handmade soap, and a whole lot more!

There's also a stand with pet-related items and treats. This is the market kitty. Actually, I think she was up for adoption as there's a different one there every time. I wanted to pet her but she was just....too.....far to reach through the bars. Purr on, market kitty.

Flower vendors are numerous both inside and out. Outside you'll find more wild flower varieties. Inside they have everything you could want: roses, gerbera daisies, hydrangea, spider mums. And the prices are excellent!

Snapdragons? Best dollar I spent all day.

So should you find yourself downtown and looking for a little escape, check out the market. We've been dying to take any of our B&B guests (read: family members) there when they visit but the timing never seems to work out right. Someday.

And this has nothing to do with the market but it was too beautiful not to share. 

After we marketed in the morning, made meatball subs, watched football (Go Bobcats!!), scrubbed the oven for over an hour, and ran some miles, we went out to dinner with some friends.

Oh, sushi sushi!


  1. Ashley -- those flowers are Gladiolas -- not snapdragons. One of Grandma Kit's favs!

    Aunt Jane


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