Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tatiana and Alexander


Tatiana and Alexander is the sequel to The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simon. I read that way back in       April. My library didn't have this book so I had to buy it. Quel horreur! I started it back in July and only just now finished it. It's not really that it took me so long to get through but my turn on the hold list for many books came up and I had to put this one on the back burner.

Good Reads' Synopsis: The Bridge to Holy Cross is a powerful story of love and hope -- a passionate and epic love story from the Russian-born author of The Bronze Horseman. The world at war ...two people in love. Tatiana is eighteen years old and pregnant when she miraculously escapes war-torn Leningrad to the West, believing herself to be a widow. Her husband, Major Alexander Belov, a decorated hero of the Soviet Union, has been arrested by Stalin's infamous secret police and is awaiting imminent death as a traitor and a spy. Tatiana begins her new life in America. In wartime New York City she finds work, friends and a life beyond her dreams. However, her grief is inescapable and she keeps hearing Alexander calling out to her. Meanwhile, Alexander faces the greatest danger he's ever known. An American trapped in Russia since adolescence, he has been serving in the Red Army and posing as a Soviet citizen to protect himself. For him, Russia's war is not over, and both victory and defeat will mean certain death. As the Second World War moves into its final violent phase, Tatiana and Alexander are surrounded by the ghosts of their past and each other. They must struggle against destiny and despair as they find themselves in the fight of their lives. A master of the historical epic, Paullina Simons takes us on a journey across continents, time, and the entire breadth of human emotion, to create a heartrendingly beautiful love story that will live on long after the final page is turned.

What I Thought: I liked this one but it did drag on a bit, and over 600 pages. The slowness didn't stop me from needing to find out if Alexander and Tatiana got back together though. I won't spoil that part for you. While The Bronze Horseman was filled with despair (that got tedious), Tatiana and Alexander had a more hopeful bent to it. I also just ordered the last installment so, I think that speaks highly of my wanting to find out how their saga ends. If you liked Bronze Horseman, you'll like this one too.

Rating: * * * 1/2

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