Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recipe Reblog

A recipe to entertain with this week. I got it from a good friend of mine. She served it at their house at our recent double garage sale and I liked it so much, of course I asked for the recipe. I think that's a great compliment to a host, don't you? At least I hope it is. I ask for a lot of recipes when I eat at other peoples' houses. Maybe I'm just a copycat chef. Oh well!

Nanny's Veggie Dip: This is a great vegetable dip (or chip or pretzel) recipe that can easily be lightened up. Instead of sour cream, I used Greek yogurt. It tasted the same, saves calories and adds protein. Win! I cut this in half and it was a good amount for 4 people. It says to use prepared mustard and it wasn't until I had it all mixed up that I remembered my friend told me she uses Dijon instead of yellow mustard. That completely slipped my mind! It tasted fine with yellow but it's better with Dijon. You may even have everything for this in your pantry. Give it a try!

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