Tuesday, September 18, 2012


You guys. The other day John and I went to a festival and there were old-timey cars there. One of them had a mannequin in the drivers' seat. I was staring at it when the mannequin smiled at me. It wasn't a mannequin. It was a human. Who is the creeper here? Me for staring, or the old man for pretending to be a mannequin in his car?

Can we all agree that Troop Beverly Hills should have won the Oscar the year it came out? I mean really.

Raise your hand if you are beyond excited for fall TV. The other day, John asked me what show I was most looking forward to and I named about 14. That doesn't mean I want too much TV, does it?

It's candy corn season, y'all! I've been enjoying my first bag of mellowcreme pumpkins and have put out on APB for the coveted and much sought after white chocolate Halloween M&M's. Target was already sold out. On September 7th.

That's all I got party people.

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