Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kiss the Girls


Kiss the Girls is by James Patterson. This is an 'old' book. This is what happens when none of the books I am waiting for at the library are ready for borrowing. Ashley wanders the stacks. Ashley borrows books from the mid-90's. A book is a book, right? Except when a book is also a movie. Somehow, I had never seen the movie version of Kiss the Girls with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. I was only 14 when it came out so I was possibly more interested in seeing whatever heartthrob teen movie I was into at that time. Most likely anything with Leonardo DiCaprio.......

Good Reads' Synopsis: "The second book in the #1 bestselling Alex Cross series! In Los Angeles, a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed. In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a beautiful medical intern suddenly disappears. In Washington D.C. Alex Cross is back to solve the most baffling and terrifying murder case ever. Two clever pattern killers are collaborating, cooperating, competing--and they are working coast to coast."

What I Thought: I like a suspenseful mystery and this fit the bill! Quick, short chapters the sped right along. Patterson's writing is just so so for me. Not particularly deep-thinking but that's not the point here, is it? I'd like to read some of the other Alex Cross series because I enjoyed the character. I think this is worth reading even if you've seen the movie to check the differences (and there was a whole plot line removed).

Rating: * * *

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