Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Need Now

I always have lots of needs in my life. Some might classify my needs as wants but they would be incorrect. A necessity is something you need to survive. Fact.

Navy Nail Polish – I’m told this is going to be a big nail color for fall. Trust the experts. I have been in love with OPI’s Russian Navy since I saw it on a friend’s pedicure but have yet to purchase my own bottle. I need to see what the other lines offer as well. Ten possible options found here.

I was bending over at the waist if you think this is a strange shot.

Colored Cords - I bought these obnoxiously orange cropped cords at the Gap recently. They were on sale for $17 and I LOVE them. If you haven’t been shopping lately, you might not know that colored bottoms are all the rage. While I can’t bring myself to purchase colored jeans, I think these keep me on trend enough. Who doesn’t love a good corduroy? I wore them around the house for a full hour before cutting the tags to give John a chance to warm up to them. When I buy something a little outrageous I will seek his opinion but ultimately do what I want anyway. Let’s be honest. That chain of events happens on a daily basis with us anyway because I am always right. Anyway, I don’t need these now because I already own them but I do need MORE of them, in other colors.

New Glasses – I went to the eye doctor a little over a month ago and guess what? I still can’t see. I also just realized that the prescription in my glasses is over 2 years old. Oops! I have long been a consumer of cheap glasses on EyeBuyDirect. (Read: no vision coverage) but there are so many new sites for the frugal eyewear shopper out there that I might stray. I like to be able to buy 2 pairs, one plastic, one metal or rimless. Stay tuned!

Buy Here

Necklace - This tortoise shell monogram necklace is rocking my socks off. Not only is tortoise shell one of my all-time faves but a good monogram is just the kind of prep I like. Safe to assume I want it in all other metals too but the tortoise shell is so unique. It's $58 linked above but I've seen them on Etsy for less.

Cell phone Case – My brand new iphone 5 needs some protection. After suffering for    2 ½ years with the crappiest case ever on my junky iphone 3 (yes, 3) it’s time to upgrade. John bought an Otterbox but he’s tough on his phone. I am more delicate with mine and therefore deserve to purchase fashion over function. Just waiting for Kate Spade to release the newest models…….

What do you NEED now?

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