Monday, October 1, 2012

October Running Round-Up

October 1st everyone!

Safe to say September brought me the most miles I’ve ever run in one month. This could be why I’m a bit burned out on training. It could also be why my left foot has started hurting. I just need to get through the race and then I’m going to take some time off from running. 
Here’s what happened on the pavement this month:

 Sep 1: 3 mi OT in 31:00, humid
Sep 4: 4.5 mi TM in 40:24, 9:20/9:02/9:02/8:41
Sep 8: 4 mi OT in 40:00, finally
Sep 9: 9 mi OT in 1h38min, 10:56 avg pace, tough!
Sep 11: 5 mi TM in 43:249:05/8:47:/8:42/8:48/8:09, left foot pain
Sep 13: 4 mi TM in 33:52, 8:28 avg pace
Sep 16: 10 mi OT in 2:00, slow....HARD
Sep 18: 5 mi OT in 51:00, 10ish pace. Foot pain
Sep 23: 6 mi OT in 58mins, 9:40 pace. Foot pain last mile
Sep 25: 5 mi TM in 44:01, 8:48 pace, some foot pain
Sep 30: 10.1 mi OT in 1:44, hip pain halfway

 Total: 62.6 miles!!!

Holy cow! Most miles in a month, EVER! I’m really proud of those miles, even if some of the times weren’t my finest moments. I am ready for this race to be done though. I’m not sure what I’ll do after that. I’ll still shoot for 50 miles/month that I think I’ll be able to attain easily. One thing’s for sure. Distances like 5 and 6 miles seem easy to me like 3-4 used to be. That’s progress, right?

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