Wednesday, October 24, 2012

T-Shirt Take-In

John and I may live closer to Bengals country but hailing from northern Ohio we are Browns fans through and through. OK, to be fair, I couldn’t care less about football so I am a Browns fan by default. But, I try to support John’s interests by watching games with him and making football snacks. Anything for snacks right? The other day, John was getting rid of a Browns t-shirt that was much too short on his long-torsoed body. 

Being the re-fashioner I am and wanting to support the team but spend little to no money on gear, I said, “I’ll take that, thankyouverymuch!”

Taking in a too large top is usually a simple, quick fix. I turned the shirt inside out and used a t-shirt of my own as a guideline. This is easier than pinning your hems while the shirt is on your body, trust me. See the little pin-heads all around the striped shirt? They are marking the way for my stitches.
I sewed up the sides and took in the sleeves as well. Take care around the armpits and make sure your original shirt seams are matched up correctly otherwise you’ll have wonky pits. Luckily, the shirt is dark and no one should be looking there because I did a sloppy job.
Two side seams and voila! 
Really need to use my camera instead of my phone, eh?
Free and new-to-me in a more form-fitting feminine cut. Now I will look the part of a football wife, even if I am reading my book or knitting while the game is on…………

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