Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TV Trouble

Network television is out to get me. They are causing much distress in my life on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I am sure the execs are in cahoots and that's why they've scheduled three shows on three different channels that I would like to watch. This is a problem because I can only DVR 2 channels at a time. I know that I could switch and get The Hopper for up DVR-ing up to 4 channels simultanesouly (THE HOP-PUH) but I don't want to. Dealing with cable companies ranks right up there with hanging out in home improvement stores and taking my car in for service. Kill.Me.Now.

9:00 PM on Tuesdays is the witching hour. New Girl on Fox, Happy Endings on ABC, Go On on NBC. On Thursdays, it's Grey's Anatomy, Parks and Rec and Glee. I should be contacted to be a Nielsen watcher since I watch so much awesome television programming. Don't you have On Demand? You ask. Yes, yes I do. The problem is sometimes the shows aren't available for viewing when I want them to be and you typically have to suffer through commercials. I will do anything to avoid watching live TV if it's a show I care about. So you see, while On Demand is my only option -- other than watching TV in the basement (barf), it's far from a good option. Sigh..........

.........First World Problems.

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