Monday, February 4, 2013

January Miles

I started the year off right on the treadmill. I also had one unseasonably warm outside run with my brand new Garmin Forerunner and ipod. Pretty exciting stuff. Mileage goals aren't my thing this year. That being said, I'm still trying to hit 50 miles each month. I didn't quite do that last year even though I did surpass my 500 mile goal.

Here's how the rubber sole met the rubber belt this month:

Jan 2: 4 mi, 34:57, 8:44 pace
Jan 6: 6 mi, 53:35, 8:55ish pace 
Jan 8: 3.6 mi, 30:09, 8:32 pace?
Jan 10: 3.1 mi, 30:00, TM hills-rough!
Jan 12: 4 mi 0T in 38:47, 9:43 avg pace
Jan 15: 4 mi in 34:54, 8:58/8:50/8:41/8:25
Jan 20: 6 mi in 53:11, 8:52 pace
Jan 22: 4 mi in 33:37, 8:48/ 8:09/7:59/8:40 - speed int.
Jan 27: 7 mi in 1:03, 9 min pace
Jan 29: 4 mi in 36:40, 9:10 pace, slow & sore

Total: 45.7 miles

One run shy of 50 but that's okay. I've been hot yoga-ing on Saturday's and that eats up a run day so I've had to shift around my weeknight workouts a bit. That's okay too. I need to learn to be a little more flexible. Figuring out that moving workout days or taking rest days when necessary is something I'm working on. It's tough.

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