Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beer Me: Rivertown Brewing Co.

Rivertown Brewing Co. is located near the Ohio River in Cincinnati. I'm not sure how far out they distribute but if you can find it, buy it. Here are two that I've tried recently.

Roebling Imperial Robust Porter - This was a good, warming porter on a COLD winter night. Unfortunately, John only left 1 for me out the whole 6 pack! I guess he liked them. That, and I think I was drinking wine instead of beer a couple of those nights. Gotta be quick around here.

From their site: "ROEBLING (Vanilla Espresso Imperial Robust Porter) – Like a big chocolate, espresso infused brownie, Roebling Porter packs a lot a flavor from the use of fresh organic Ugandan vanilla beans, organic Peruvian espresso/coffee and natural raw cane sugar. 7.8% ABV A, 35 IBU, 31 SRM. Available in 6 packs and draft."

All of those delicious flavors they noted? They are all in there. All distinct as you sip. Low on the bitterness scale, high on taste. I don't know what SRM means though. Guess I should look that up. I think this is about $9.49 for a six pack. 

Also from Rivertown is their winter seasonal, the Bock Beer.

From their site: "(Released in February) Rivertown Brewing Co.’s bock beer seasonal lager is a big full bodied beer, with lots of caramel malt flavor and spicy hop notes. Our bock beer is a great way to welcome the coming of spring. best served at 48ºf in a brandy glass. 7.2% ABV"

Bocks, to me, are just good, easy beers. They almost never disappoint and this one lived up to my expectations as well.

I'm hoping to go tour their facility some Saturday when there's not much going on. In the fall, their pumpkin is one of my top 5 pumpkin beers too. That's saying something!

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