Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Goal

It feels like I'm forever setting and re-setting fitness goals for myself. Maybe you feel this way too. But, I've got a good one this time and I actually think it's totally attainable (famous last words). Anyway, I'm really trying to up my mileage on my runs this summer. I consistently run 3.2 or so miles each time I'm out despite my foot issues. I really want to get this bumped up to 5 miles. It's just something that I need to spend the time to work up to. When I first started running about 4 years ago, I could only run for 45 seconds at a time and then I had to walk. So, I did intervals. Small increments until I was able to increase my running time to 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 30 minutes. Sure it took me a few years but I'm finally where I am now so it's time to get busy.

My new goal is to be able to run 5 miles. Oh, I already told you that. Anyway, I want to hit 5 miles by our cruise over Labor Day. I have about 2 1/2 months to do it. To make it a bit easier, I don't have to run all 5 miles, just most of the 5. Let's say, I have to run at least 4.5 miles but if I walk a little in there too, that's okay. The best part is my reward. I have always always wanted to get a massage on a beach in one of those grass huts. It just so happens that on the cruise I will have 2 opportunities to get said massage. But, only if I hit 5 miles. Run Ashley Run! Straight to the massage table!

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