Monday, June 7, 2010

Straight No Chaser

I am always looking for something exciting to do around Dayton. You may or may not know but Dayton is a hotspot for, oh right, NOTHING! I am constantly reading about upcoming events that I have no interest in, don’t feel like paying the ticket prices for or the worst fate of all, come to town on a weeknight. Imagine my excitement when looking at the listings for summer concerts at the Fraze, an outdoor venue in a nearby suburb, when I saw that Straight No Chaser was coming. And on a Saturday! If you’re unfamiliar, Straight No Chaser is a 10 man a capella group and they’re great! I first happened upon them this past Christmas. Maybe you’ve seen their version of 12 Days of Christmas on YouTube. It’s not to be missed. I have one of their Christmas albums but they do non-holiday songs as well which is what they’re performing on the current tour. So, I snapped up 2 tickets that day and not so patiently waited for June 5th.

All week I was growing concerned at the forecast. These concerts are supposedly held rain or shine and it was looking bleak. The percentage of storms kept going up and up, along with the forecasted humidity. I didn’t want weather to ruin our fun night out. As luck would have it, it poured earlier in the day and got it mostly out of its system. Only a few drops fell during the show and quickly subsided. The humidity, however, was another story. Of course with all summer thunderstorms in Ohio, this one brought with it a curtain of soupy humidity that my hair did not agree with.

No matter, we had an awesome time anyway! The guys were great. They sang a wonderful mix of styles in both current and older songs. They were also surprisingly funny. I appreciate crowd interaction at concerts. They told lots of stories and jokes. The tickets were only $25. A bargain! Cheaper if you sat on the lawn. The Fraze is really neat.

You can’t tell from this picture but our seats were pretty close, even if they were off to the side a bit. That's them on stage, obviously. I hope someone else good comes and I wish Straight No Chaser would come back around Christmas time but according to their tour schedule, that is not meant to be. If you get the chance to see them, please do. A wonderful show to be sure!

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