Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hair Affair

Did I tell you I’m trying to change up my hair washing routine? I have always heard you don’t need to wash your hair everyday and that it will be healthier if you don’t. I have never been able to skip days. NEVER! My hair is relatively thin and the grease just comes right through. Likewise, I have never been a night-time showerer. I must shower and shampoo in the morning. I don’t wake up feeling fresh when I shower at night. What if the bedroom is hot and I sweat? Then, you’re walking around wearing last night’s sweat all day. Pass.

The problem is, I work out nearly every day. So, I shower and shampoo in the morning to start my day and in the evening following my work out. Murder on the hair, skin, and amount of product I go through. A couple weeks ago I vowed to try something new. And here it is: wash my hair only once a day.

But, how could you possibly get away with this, Ashley? You ask, knowing what you’ve just read. Well, it’s rather simple, you see. We’ll start in the evening. After work, I either run, do yoga or go to zumba and then I shower and shampoo. In the morning, I still shower (see above comments: sweat) but I skip the shampoo. GENIUS! For now, I just pull my hair back but there’s a chance, at the risk of feeling like a 70 year old, that I might purchase a shower cap. Following the shower sans shampoo, I still style my hair. Previously, I would just blow dry my hair straight and that would be that. Nothing inventive, same style every day. Now, because I don’t waste the time shampooing, conditioning, and drying, I have time to curl or straighten to my heart’s content. C’est si bon!

Admittedly, the first few days of the experiment did not go well. As I expected, my head felt greasy and I thought I looked disgusting (though John said I didn’t). But, the longer I stuck with it and the more I curled instead of straightened, the more I liked it. Straightening flattened it against my head too much. I’m now even able to set my alarm 5 minutes later (surprise added bonus!) I stopped using my salon products because of the cost so I’m hoping my new drugstore brand (Aveeno) coupled with this new shampoo schedule will help my hair to be the shiny, healthy hair I know it can be.

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