Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sadie Sadie 2x4

On Tuesday, John and I made an impromptu visit to the vet with Sadie. She had been all out of sorts since we were visiting family in Cleveland a week or so ago. I was chalking it up to the heat but she had a very suppressed appetite and was not going regularly, if you know what I mean. John, ever the pessimist, jumps directly to the conclusion that she has cancer and she certainly has a long hard battle ahead of her. I’m happy to report that she doesn’t have cancer but we did discover something at the vet on the scale.

Sadie is a little porker! She had been consistently holding at 20 lbs for I’d say the last year or so. Now, she has ballooned up to 22.8 lbs! That may not sound like a major increase but she’s just a little pup. Imagine strapping a 3 lb. weight to a small dog. Not good. So, Sadie is on a diet. As much as we’d like to think she doesn’t get fed people food, we are probably way wrong about that. Every time I make a salad she comes running for cheese. As soon as she hears the bag, she’s at my feet in a flash. And I give in. Not much, mind you, just a few shreds but still, nearly every day. She also is a big fan of Cheez-its. Baby girl LOVES the cheese! She takes after her mother. Again, I don’t think we give her too much but I’m probably wrong. The one thing we’re good about is holding back on actual dog treats. Truth be told, since they’re lean we ought to give those more freely and cut back on the other stuff.

Anyway, we’ll be cutting back her food portions from now on and trying to exercise her more. That’s hard in this Ohio heat but she needs to drop 3 lbs pronto. Otherwise she’ll start to lose her girlish figure, and her puggle boyfriend Stanley will start to lose interest in her. The horror! Don’t worry. She’ll be shipshape in no time at all.

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