Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stop the madness, stop the eating!

Okay, really? This has got to stop. I was doing so well and then it all seemed to backslide on me. I'm talking about my diet and the calorie-fest that has been my life for, oh about the last month or so. As usual, I do really well during the week with both eating and exercise and then the weekend rolls around and out the window with the good habits, and an un-welcome hello to the bad ones. Dinners out, wine, snacks, dessert. Skipping workouts. It never ends! And it's doubly bad when we head north for the weekend and stay with family. Their cabinets are stocked with forbidden snacks and there's always pizza (not our whole wheat crust, homemade kind either, of course) And of course, the next time we go home there will be two graduation parties and then another time to a wedding. You know what that means? Food galore!

So, I'm re-cracking the whip on myself. No more burgers and fries or alcohol during the week. Those glasses of wine add up, you know? Back to actual cardio and strength and not counting yoga or walking Sadie as a full workout. My zumba challenge ends in 3 weeks and I hope I've lost at least a couple pounds and inches. And I'd really like to hit an as yet unset goal before we go on our cruise. I'll have to think about what that goal might be. I don't want to set myself up for failure but I can't seem to attain even seemingly attainable goals lately. Here we go again!

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