Saturday, August 14, 2010

He's here!

And in this corner, tipping the scales at 9 pounds, 12 ounces, it's.......BABY BEN!!!

I have been remiss in announcing my nephew's birth. My apologies to this sweet little nugget. My sister had her first baby on August 2nd after what sounded like the easiest labor story ever. All day at work I was waiting for the arrival text. What an exciting time! I think this hat makes him look like a garden gnome. As he gets bigger and bigger he looks more and more like my sister everyday. I'm sure some of my brother-in-law's features will come through soon but right now, he's got her chin and eyebrows and sometimes he makes these faces that look exactly like her.

John and I already have our tickets to go to Texas to meet him at Thanksgiving but that seems so far away. He'll be nearly 4 months old by then. I'm selfishly hoping that means he'll be sleeping through the night (the guest bedroom shares a wall with the nursery) but I'm also hoping he'll be more animated and awake and ready to play. John says he won't be holding him; he just wants to play with him. He has also flat out refused to change any diapers. I told him we'd see about that. The truth is, Ben is our tester baby. Neither of us have baby skills so we want to see how we do with him. NO, we are not thinking of having kids anytime soon. Calm down.

So, love and sweet dreams to Baby Ben. I guess it's time to find somemthing baby-like to sew.

P.S. If there are a lot of typos in this, I'm sorry. I'm getting this weird flashing light in my field of vision that's making reading extremely difficult. I hope this doesn't mean I'm going blind. Good thing I've got an eye appointment on Monday.

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