Thursday, August 19, 2010

Recipe Re-blog

I realize this may not look super appetizing but, oh my goodness. I stumbled across a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese on this blog, Christine's Cuisine. We love a good mac and cheese here at Chez G. but this one kicked it up a notch. It wasn't really that hot at all. Just the right amount of heat. I didn't follow the recipe exactly. At the end, I got lazy and just put some Panko on top instead of melting butter to mix with the Panko. It was still delicious.

If you like macaroni and cheese and you have even the slightest interest in buffalo chicken. TRY THIS RECIPE!! Oh, and I was super proud of myself. It calls for shredded chicken. To save myself time, I threw my frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot on Low with a little water and went to bed. In the morning, they were perfectly cooked and ready for shredding! Winner winner chicken dinner.

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