Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ballard Design Outlet Trip

I have discovered something super fantastic right in my little neck of the woods. It's a Ballard Design/Frontgate Outlet! If you're unfamiliar with Ballard Design, they sell home furnishings and accessories that are just fabulous. Fabulous except for their prices. Let's just say I can barely even afford the things that are on sale let alone full price. So, imagine my excitement to find out that not only is there an outlet but, it's within driving distance of my home! Yea hooray!

Look at all these stools and chairs! Rows and rows of seats. I was alone but I sat in many of them. I'm not even in the market for seating but they had some great ones.

What is that? A dog bed? You ask. NO! It's a giant couch with a cover and lots of pillows for you to sit on...outside! I love this. Despite the whole store being an extra 20% off it was still way out of my budget and of course, I've got nowhere to put it. I refrained from lounging on this one though because there were lots of people around. But, I love it! Maybe someday it will be mine. I could lounge and sip some wine. It would be great.

Do you know what this? Why yes, it IS a dog bed. A dog crate to be exact, for the fancy canine in your life. Those shades? They pull down so your pooch can get uninterrupted shut eye. Only at Frontgate, a partner of Ballard Design. BTW - it was at least $200.

I didn't buy anything but I found many things to covet. I'll definitely be back to this establishment. If you find yourself in the Dayton/Cincinnati area, you should check it out too. Bonus home furnishing shopping tidbit: IKEA is less than a mile down the road from the outlet. What are the chances?!

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