Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Did You Get This Number?

I forgot to review this book! It’s been finished since Sunday, I think. This has been a crazy week. More on that another day. I somehow found myself without anything to read before my last trip to the library. That sends me to the Express shelves where you can only keep books for a week because they are the new releases. I picked up the new Carl Hiassen (which I did not get to read in the allotted amount of time and will have to check out in the future) and this little nugget by Sloane Crosley.

How Did You Get This Number? is Crosley’s sophomore collection of essays. I checked it out from the library not really because it grabbed my attention, but because her first book, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, is something I often have to utter to John at various family functions, meetings, etc. I’ll have to go back and read that one but for now, let’s talk about this one. Crosley does a great job of twisting the tales of her life into interesting little vignettes. The nice thing about a book full of essays is that they’re essentially short little chapters that will all (hopefully) present a cohesive story in the end (spoiler alert: they do).

I won’t go to deep into the topics but Crosley writes of her travels, roommate situations, love life, and living in NYC. I found her very relatable and funny. I laughed out loud a few times. Her voice is extremely entertaining. And, it’s always good to work in some non-fiction every now and then, right? So, pick this one up if you have the chance. And stay tuned for a review of her first book, if I can remind myself to check it out!

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