Monday, April 9, 2012

But, I don't feel any older.......

Last Saturday, I turned 29. This was my last twenties birthday. I thought I was okay with it but I'm not. I guess I'll try not to focus on my years slipping by and just enjoy them instead. That's a better plan, right? Right. I declared multiple times it was the first time I was turning 29, not the last.

I got some lovely gifts from lovely people.


Michael Kors Tortoise & Horn Watch

Plus, workout clothes, spa day (Eeeee!!!!), new baking sheets, gift cards, especially to my guilty pleasure, JoAnn's and more! I celebrated with friends and family and CAKE! It was a great birthday that lasted an entire week.

I read a timely article about free birthday perks from restaurants. Thus commenced a flurry of filling out my email address on various websites and then watching the flood of free entrees, appetizers and dessert emails flow in. It was glorious! I highly recommend that you do this. Actually, I recommend you sign up the month before your birthday as they typically give you a coupon for something just for signing up, and THEN you get a bigger perk to use during your birth month. So, John and I will be eating free for the next 30 days! I signed up with:



Cold Stone Creamery

Melting Pot

Sephora - no free meal but I did get free Sugar lip gloss that is wonderful!

So, if your big day is coming up, or even if it's not, get on the free things train. Whoo whooo!

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