Sunday, April 8, 2012

Recipe Reblog #12


These recipes aren't Easter related but they are tasty. John and I recently hosted some friends for a game night. Game night = snacks, right? Among other dips and treats, I tried these two new appetizer recipes.

Mini Corndog Muffins: I am so sorry I didn't take a picture of the cutest appetizer I've ever made. These were easy, delicious, crowd-pleasing little bites. You mix up the corn bread batter and pour it into a mini muffin tin. Then you cut up a hot dog and stick a piece in each muffin. The perfect poppable bite! I cut the recipe in half to yield 24 muffins. Great snack for all ages!

Garlic Chicken Bites: A friend of mine has made these a couple times when hosting us and I always want to eat the whole plate. They're like grown-up chicken nuggets. A little more spice and flair for you. I cut the oil in half and they didn't suffer one bit. Quick and easy and pretty healthy too!

OK, I'm off to eat my weight in Cadbury eggs!

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