Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Rules of Lifting for Women

In 2009, I read the book New Rules of Lifting for Women. You can see what I thought about it here. I ended up re-reading the book last year but didn't repost it because I didn't think a double read counted. The first time around I found the workout plan interesting except for the part where he eschews most forms of cardio. I love my cardio and will never stop doing it in lieu of weight lifting. However, as Zumba Toning wasn't really doing it for me anymore, and I had access to heavier weights in my basement, I decided to switch my two strength days per week to this program.

I am halfway through Stage 1 of 7 stages and am happy to report I feel a whole lot stronger already. I've doubled the weight for my leg exercises in just 5 weeks and upped the weights for my upper body too. Initially, I saw a lot of change in my measurements but that has kind of plateaued a bit. I know the further I go with the program the more muscle I'll gain replacing the fat that used to be there. The entire program will likely take me about 6 months to get through because I'm only doing it 2 days a week instead of the recommended 3.

Perhaps I should have taken some before and after pictures. Oops. I already see changes for sure. And in an act of camaraderie, John is following the men's version of the same program. I think he's enjoying the challenge too. He even said after the first couple workouts that he's clearly been lifting all wrong his whole life. What an endorsement!

Stay tuned to see what other changes happen with my muscles!

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