Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To the MAX(i skirt)

Confession. I have the biggest blogger crush on Leanne from Elle Apparel. This is the third tutorial of hers I've used and I love them all! I'm also really jealous of her hair. If try really hard, will my hair get to be that length and not look gnarly? OK, enough about that and onto the sewing. Despite John's cries that I'd look like a hippie, I sewed up this maxi skirt anyway.

Remember this fabric? It looks purple and pink in the pic but really it's red and navy. I fell in love with it months ago and immediately bought the rest of the bolt on a subsequent trip to Joann's. I used it to make my long cardigan, also an Elle Apparel tutorial. No, I will not be wearing the cardigan with the skirt. Please.

The tutorial was easy to follow and while I would have liked a little more yardage to have some more flare at the bottom, I'm still pleased with the way the skirt turned out.

There was a slight snafu with the hem, however. I wanted to attempt to use a double needle. This is 2 needles, attached at a crossbar at the top. It allows you to sew parallel lines giving a really professional finish. Double needles are not expensive. I ordered mine on Amazon for $4. I was SO excited to use it. I read tutorials, I watched videos. Then, I loaded that double needle for some practice stitching. That's where things went south. Fast. There was some choice language flying in Atelier d'Ashley (that's what I call my sewing studio because I like French things). I took great care in threading the needles (you have to use two spools) so they wouldn't cross and tangle. Everything seemed okay but when I started sewing, nothing was catching.

I know it's hard to tell but this is a picture of failure.

I still don't understand what happened. Furthermore, I can't continue to fix the problem because after a good 30 minutes of effort, this happened.

Bye bye double needle - I hardly knew ye

And then I cried. John tried to cheer me up with a green monster smoothie (PBJ!) It was good but it didn't take away the sour taste of defeat.

I have a feeling the timing was off with the bobbin or something. Unfortunately, I've also just given my back up machine to my sister. I thought all was lost. I took apart everything I know how to take apart (sans manual, because I accidentally gave that away too) and put it back together. Then I sewed the hem with a single needle. Thank goodness the machine isn't broken. But, I think it's on its last legs. It costs about $90 just to have your machine cleaned and oiled. My question is: Is that worth it when I really want a new machine anyway? I guess it depends on if I have an extra $400 lying around. That's how much the one I want costs.


Back to the has a yoga waistband and is super comfy. Chances are I'll be living in it this summer. John also took back his hippie comment and said it looked cute on me. Success!

Are those squats paying off yet?

Photobombed by Sadie.......again

Why is it always windy when I take these pictures?

Love that rugby stripe, don't you? I wish I could find it in a wide assortment of colors. Or at least black and white. I'm definitely going to make more of these. Watch out!

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