Thursday, April 12, 2012


Is it stopping by the library on the off chance a copy of the last Harry Potter movie is available and finding one left on the shelf, just for you?

Is it surviving the worst day of the week (Monday, always Monday) unscathed?

Or seeing the cheerful tulips planted especially for you last fall bloom this spring as planned?

The look your dog gives you, tail wagging, when you walk through the door after work?

When your husband doesn't roll his eyes because you just came home with yet another bag from JoAnn's?

Could it be the perfect Saturday nap?

Discovering a piece of leftover chocolate in the back of the freezer you forgot about?

Or sharing that newly discovered chocolate with your husband because he didn't roll his eyes, even though you want to eat the whole thing yourself?

I think so.

Whatever Happiness is to you......I hope you find it today!

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