Monday, January 16, 2012

Mad for Plaid

I had been dying for a plaid top to wear on Christmas. To me, plaid in all colors just screams HOLIDAY. I'm not sure why. I searched high and low for a top that, as my sister says, "didn't make me look like a lesbian." (not that there's anything wrong with that) What I found just had absolutely no shape or didn't look festive enough. So, what's a girl to do who is completely sewed out only 5 days before Christmas....make the darn plaid shirt herself!

I picked up some black watch plaid super thick flannel at Joann's to the tune of $9.00. Knowing that I had a finite amount of time in which to complete this project, I selected a pattern I had previously stitched but made a few modifications. Slowly but surely, I am learning that the sizes on many sewing patterns do not really correspond to ready-to-wear clothing. I cut this WAY big, intentionally, with plans to tailor it down later.

This is the Simplicity 3835 Built By Wendy pattern (now out of print, I think. Sowwy!). I made the blouse in the middle but used the longer sleeves of the dress on the right. I also added about 4 inches to the bottom length. Nothing worse than a too short shirt. A lot of people trace the patterns they purchase onto tissue paper so they don't cut up the original pattern. I probably ought to get into this habit but it seems like a gigantic waste of time. When I start cutting out a pattern, I am anxious to sew.

And here it is!

I love how it turned out and I got a lot of compliments. Very Christmas-y indeed! I styled it over a pair of skinnies and added the yellow belt for a pop up color. Also, the belt gives it more shape and waist definition. Without the belt, it's kind of sack-like. I'm definitely going to be using this pattern again now that I know what changes need to be made.

Have you been sewing lately? Do you love plaid as much as I do?

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