Monday, March 4, 2013

February Running Round-Up

I survived my two least favorite months of the year. While I fully expect there to be more snow ahead, I can at least start thinking spring. This means, thinking about outside runs and the sun on my face. Unfortunately, all of February's runs took place in my basement. No sun but an endless supply of Netflix to watch. Is that a good trade off? My pasty skin doesn't think so.

Feb 3: 3.2 mi in 29:31, slow/lazy
Feb 5: 4 mi in 33:06, 8:28/8:28/8:15/7:57, woo!
Feb 10: 7 mi in 1:03:35, 9:05 avg pace
Feb 12: 4 mi in 34:25 , 9:00/8:46/8:32/8:07
Feb 16: 3.25 in 28:35, slow
Feb 17: 6.2 in 59:54, rough
Feb 19: 4.2 in 35:41, 8:30 pace
Feb 21: 4 in 35:44, hill intervals, 8:56 avg pace 

Feb 24: 6 mi in 55:09, 9:12 avg pace

Feb 26: 4 mi in 34:14, 8:33 avg pace

Feb 28: 3.15 mi in 29:42, sore, leg pain

45 total miles

I didn't hit 50 miles again but that's okay. I need to cut myself some slack every once in awhile. February was a short month and I did skip a few runs and cut a couple long runs down to not so long runs. The good news is I feel like I'm getting faster and seeing lots of improvements in time/pace. I know that will all go out the window when I get outside but you have to start somewhere.

John said the other day that he's most looking forward to spring running so we can start signing up for races. Speaking of races, I've got to register for the Air Force Half Marathon before it sells out. Off to do that now!

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