Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recipe Reblog: Five Spice Burgers

I made these a few weeks back and forgot to tell you about them. That's sad because it's a good one!

Five Spice Chicken Burger: I know, I know. Ground chicken in a burger is so not the same as a burger made with ground beef. This is true. But, it's healthier and cheaper than beef so quit whining. If you've never cooked with Chinese Five Spice before, don't be alarmed. I am a hot food wuss and this isn't hot at all. It's just a mixture of five different spices that give great flavor. You should be able to find it easily at your local market with the other spices. These burgers were delicious! They were juicy and had a great taste. I didn't make the slaw part of the recipe because I didn't have all the ingredients but I'm definitely going to give it a try in the future. I did mix some chili garlic sauce with mayo for a zesty sauce. Don't let the ground chicken or the spices turn you off of this one. Cook it up!

T-minus two weeks until the big 3-0......

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