Monday, March 11, 2013

Vin du Francais

This past weekend we hosted a French wine night with some good friends. I know very little about French wines and wanted to try a few before we go to Paris (in about 60 days!!)

We tried several different varieties including chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, bordeaux, vouvray and cotes du rhone. I really liked the unoaked Macon Villages Chardonnay by Louis Jadot. I was also really pleasantly surprised by the bordeaux we tried from Chateau Puynard. Dry and delicious! I had never had bordeaux before but I'll definitely be trying it again. Hence the whole point of wine explore new to you wines!

For dinner, we were a little adventurous. Luckily, our friends are good sports and don't mind being guinea pigs for us. A couple years ago we were gifted a roasting clay from Williams-Sonoma. You envelope a whole chicken that you've buttered and herbed throughout and bake it in the clay. After about 90 minutes, the chicken is cooked, you crack the clay and voila! Juicy, tender chicken. At least that's what we hoped would happen.

Here is John wrapping it up.

It doesn't look much different but here it is after it was cooked but before we cracked the clay off.

During the cheese course, we were explaining the clay and how it works. Then, right on cue as we were preparing our guests for the possibility that we might end up having to order pizza, there was a loud noise from the oven. The clay shattered in a few places spreading clay all over the oven. Oops! The chicken turned out tasty but it was a lot of work for one meal. I would link to it but it doesn't look like W-S sells it anymore.

Une bonne nuit pour tout!

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