Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I hate to tell you about two amazing things I learned on Pinterest. You may have already known about them but if not, listen up and thank me later!

The first one has to do with cleaning. I want to tell you how amazing vinegar and baking soda are as cleaning implements. 1) They're cheap, 2) You probably already own them, 3) They do a better job than a lot of those expensive, fancy cleaners out there, 4) They are environmentally friendly.

Here is the single most awesome tip I have found out there: keep a dish scrubbing wand in your shower filled with a mixture of half vinegar and half dish soap. Can we all agree cleaning the shower is the worst? Well now, you already have the tools at the ready and could wash it down every day if you wanted! Isn't that the coolest? It is to me. I hate having to get in the shower during a weekly cleaning session but this combines the cleaning with something you already do on a daily basis (I hope.) You can use baking soda to clean the rings out of your toilet, your stainless steel sinks, gunk from the inside of your oven, stubborn stains on your stove burners, etc. and so on. More ingenious cleaning tips can be found here. Now you'll want to clean forever and ever!

Today's second tip has to do with your nails. If you aren't a regular polisher, you won't care about this. Just keepin' it real. After painting your nails and finishing with a top coat, dip your fingers in a bowl of ice water for a couple minutes. It will set the polish lickety-split and then you won't risk ruining your manicure if you bump your nails into something accidentally. Yes, ice water is cold but you get used to it. Anything for beauty, right?

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