Thursday, January 9, 2014

Beer Me - Namaste & Barrel Aged

It is with a heavy heart that I must acknowledge a sad fate. The Christmas beer season has ended. Winter seasonals are the worst. Absolutely dreadful as there's never anything particularly notable about them. But, at a tasting this past weekend, I did try a few that I wanted to pass along. They're not really seasonal offerings but nevertheless.


This is Namaste by Dogfish Head. It's offered year round but this is the first time I tried it.

From the siteA witbier bursting with good karma. Made with dried organic orange slices, fresh-cut lemongrass and a bit of coriander, this Belgian-style white beer is a great thirst quencher.

The coriander was strong in this one which means my mother-in-law would despise it. But, John and I found it quite refreshing and a nice departure from all the dark, heavy brews of late. If you like a citrusy wheat beer, you'll like this one.

I don't have a picture of this one and neither does the site but Bean Gene is from Revolution Brewing Co. as part of their Deepwood series that does special things with their Eugene Porter. This was on tap at a local brewery/restaurant we went to on New Year's Eve and even though it was $10 for a glass, we had to try it.

From the site: "After months socked away in bourbon barrels, we steeped it with Dark Matter coffee beans prior to bottling. Smooth and well-balanced, with hints of vanilla and an in-your-face coffee flavor, enjoy it at breakfast, lunch or dinner."

Oh my stars. It's pretty much a given that if something is barrel-aged, no matter the type of barrel, that I'll love it. This was no different. The Woodford Reserve barrels sweetened the porter but offered other flavors that were deep. If you are a coffee lover, you will die over this one.

Last but not least, a beer with a name that is slightly rude.


Backwoods Bastard is from Founders Brewing (one of my favorite breweries). Also bourboned so I'll save you the suspense. I liked this one a lot too.

From the site: "Expect lovely, warm smells of single malt scotch, oaky bourbon barrels, smoke, sweet caramel and roasted malts, a bit of earthy spice, and a scintilla of dark fruit. It’s a kick-back sipper made to excite the palate."

Let's be clear here. I don't like straight bourbon one bit. But when you add it to beer (or put it in chocolate) it becomes something of which I am a big fan. This had a great richness to it that was very warming. I didn't see a 6 pack for a price but it is a limited release so if you think you might enjoy it, snap it up while you can! Founders can be a bit pricey but it's worth it.

OK guys -- almost the weekend! We can do this.

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  1. All of those beers sound great to me. Ironically, I said to Carol " this beer has all 3 of your poisons in one beer" and then you gave her an acknowledgement... we laughed heartily. ww


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