Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stitch Fix #3

I hesitated to schedule my third Fix so close to Christmas but when I was disappointed with the second one, I decided I didn't care. As it turns out, I didn't really get that many clothes for Christmas anyway so it's all good.

If you're unfamiliar, StitchFix is an online styling company that will send you 5 pieces for a $20 styling fee after you fill out a detailed questionnaire about your current style, likes, dislikes, sizing and fit. I loved my first one and hated my second one. So, for the third, I requested my original stylist, Cate. I am asking for her every time. It feels like she completely understands my style because with both of her Fixes, I wanted to keep everything. I didn't....but I wanted to.

OK - onto the clothing!

41Hawthorn - Anise Striped Vest, $78

I love a good puffy vest and I liked that this wasn't as thick and puffy as some others in my closet. The navy and white stripe is right up my alley. The gold hardware added a nice touch too. But, I have other vests and I questioned how much I would actually where this. 

Verdict: Sent Back

41Hawthorn - Ivy Abstract Floral Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse, $68

I'm sorry I didn't zoom in enough on this one. The print is a navy and coral medallion with navy accents. This reminded me a bit too much of my mother. Which isn't to say that's a bad thing (calm down, Mom) but the style and print said "Florida" to me. I considered keeping it because I don't have anything like it in my closet but the V was a bit too deep and I would always have to wear a tank top under it. Plus, it was a bit tight at the hips.

Verdict: Sent Back

Kensie Jeans - Sophia Skinny Jeans, $88

The jeans above and below were also included.

I was excited to get these because I currently only have 1 1/2 pairs of workable skinny jeans. The 1/2 is because sometimes I don't think that pair actually works very well at all but sometimes it's fine. Even though these were a bit pricey, I will always spend more than I deem necessary on jeans ever since my first pair of Joe's Jeans. Good jeans are worth every single penny. You can wear the heck out of them and they keep their shape and rinse much better than cheap jeans. Off my soap box....

Back to these Kensie jeans. I loved the rinse and the stretch they had. Unfortunately, the waistband hit me right on my hip bones making them quite uncomfortable and a tad impossible to sit in. Curses.

Verdict: Sent Back

I know I said I loved everything but so far I've sent back 3 things. Stay with me.

41Hawthorn - Queensland Dolman Jersey Top, $48

I have been wanting a dolman sleeve top for a long time. The style is different than anything in my closet and the color is good for lots of seasons. I think this will look great with a long necklace and boots. It's also very comfortable for those fat days.

Verdict: KEEP!

Fun2Fun - Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse, $48

This heart blouse is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. Before Christmas, the Limited had a heart print sweater that I was dying over. I didn't end up getting it as a gift and could not find it anywhere in my size. I was heartbroken. (Pun intended) I'm pretty sure I squealed with glee when I pulled this out. It's navy blue and the sleeves can be worn 3/4 or rolled up with button tabs. Suffice it to say I will be living in this for the next few months. The fabric has a bit of a sheen but doesn't look cheap. It's going to look great with the brick red cords I got in my first fix and also have been living in.

Verdict: Definite KEEP!

Had I purchased everything my total would have been $232.50 minus the $20 styling fee and with the 25% discount when you keep the whole Fix. A bit rich for my blood....

This time, I told them I didn't want any accessories and I think that worked out great. I have a lot of jewelry already and feel like I have enough options in my closet to accessorize correctly.

I also figured out how to use the timer on my camera because I took these while my chief photographer was shoveling the driveway. What? I offered to help and was turned down.

My next Fix is scheduled for the end of February and I can't wait to see what comes my way. I requested Cate again as my stylist so I know she'll do a great job.

Want to see what I got in my First Fix or my Second Fix? Click those links.

If you'd like to schedule your own fix, click this link here. It's my referral link and I get $25 to spend on my next Fix if you sign up. PRETTY PLEASE!

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