Monday, January 6, 2014

Brrrr - It's Cold in Here

First things first. TGIM. Has anyone in the history of time ever said, "Thank God it's Monday"? I really don't mean TGIM but mostly just, hey -- it's Monday. It's part of that positive attitude business.

Maybe you've noticed, the new year brought a slight facelift to Ashley See, Ashley Does. Do you like it? I spent quite a long time on that photo collage of my favorite thing: ME! (Just kidding - my favorite thing is cheese) But, it did take a long time so I hope you like it. If you're reading on a feed or blog reader, do pop over to the actual site, will you?

How was your weekend? Mine was super productive! Saturday included lots of running around and John and I saw American Hustle. We liked it. I loved the casting even if the pace of the whole thing was a bit off. That's not their fault. Oh, on Friday I went out to lunch with work friends which I never ever ever do. I treated myself to a veggie burger. I am OB-SESSED with veggie burgers. This was quinoa and black bean based and it was delicious. I almost got another veggie burger on Saturday for lunch but went with turkey instead. I am on holiday detox. The burgers help.

On Sunday, we were supposed to get a major storm so we holed up for the day. All it did was rain though we did get some snow later on when the temperatures dropped. Other parts of Ohio did not fare so well and we are having some terrible frigidity today. But, it gave me the opportunity to do a lot of cleaning and organizing.

I pinned this link on how to clean your washing machine on Pinterest. A friend said she tried it and it worked really well so I gave it a whirl. My machine didn't seem particularly dirty but there's been a musty smell in the laundry room. This cleaning got rid of the smell so I'd say it worked.

Sunday morning, we received our first Sunday edition of the New York Times which was a Christmas gift. John and I had read for about 5 minutes before saying to each other that we felt smarter already. The local paper is terrible and we had cancelled that some time ago. Now I can feel well-versed on the goings on of the world again.

I've also just discovered there is a group who will come and pick up all the stuff you would normally donate at Goodwill directly from your front porch. This is fantastic news and I have been culling all closets!

OK, that's all I've got to keep you riveted for today. Stay warm, friends!

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  1. I did notice your new header and I love it!


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