Monday, May 24, 2010

Condo Creeper

There is a man who lives across the parking lot in our condo complex. He is old and wears the same clothes for about 5 days. Then he changes them. These include a bright orange t-shirt and most recently, a Reds shirt and shorts. Everyday he sits and stares for hours. He watches the comings and goings of the parking lot and all of the condo inhabitants. Sometimes I have to park near his first floor unit and I try not to make eye contact because to me he is creepy.

The other day I was watering my blossoming garden and from afar I hear, "Hey, how ya doin'?" Not knowing from whence this greeting came, I looked up from my flowers to see the creeper waving to me. I wasn't sure what to do so I said, "Hi. Good thanks." I continued watering and a few seconds later I hear some mumbles, "Flowers........lookin' good....mumble." I just said thanks and hurried inside.

Does that make me an unfriendly person? I see this guy all the time and even though he's probably very friendly, it really weirded me out to have him shout across the parking lot and over the garages to speak to me. As if I'd have a complete conversation of that distance. Now I feel like he's always watching me, even when he's not sitting on his patio. I guess I'll have to choose my watering times more carefully.

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