Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vino: Pinot

This 2008 Pinot Noir from Mirassou Winery in California was selected by my wine shopper on my recent wine spending spree. I enjoy a nice Pinot Noir as something different from my typical red preferences, Cabernet and Shiraz. I have seen this label a lot. It's everywhere, including my local Meijer. So, very easily accessible if you're interested in trying it. I think it was probably about $11.00. The problem with buying up all that wine is that I have to store it. The problem with that is that it's tacky to leave the price tag on bottles in your wine rack. And the problem with THAT is I forget how much they cost. I should have taken notes.

Onto the bottle! Claiming to offer "Intense flavors of cherry and plum with delicate floral notes and a hint of vanilla." On Mirassou's website, it also references pomegranate and currants but no vanilla. Why do these tasting notes differ if they're written by the same people? Anyway, I definitely tasted the cherry and plum. The other stuff was too subtle for my palate.

This was dry, but tasty. I would try it again. It seemed classy.

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