Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simplicity #2591 - Umbrellas for a shower

I purchased this lovely yellow fabric with turquoise parasols and pink flowers a number of years ago. I think I was still in college when my local JoAnn's was going out of business. I don't remember how much it cost but it must have been a song because I bought lots of yardage. Having had it in my stash for so long, I finally had the perfect occasion to make this lovely little day dress in Simplicity #2591, my sister's baby shower!

The picture is small but I'm focusing on the sleeveless version on the bottom right corner there. I only got to start on it this past weekend and I was sweating bullets. I never thought I'd finish in time. I only let the time get down to the wire (the shower is this Saturday) because I knew I had other dresses as back ups to wear. Luckily, this pattern went together way easier than I thought it would. I started it on Saturday and I finished it on Sunday. How's that for efficiency? See for yourself!

And here it is from the back. Sorry these pictures aren't the best. You can't see the darts or seaming but up close, it's a stunner!

I'm positively tickled at how well it came out. And it even has pockets, which I didn't know until I starting cutting fabric. I love the boat neck too. I think it's a very flattering cut on me too. I got to brush up on my darts, which I think I'm getting better at, if I do say so myself. And I got to practice my gathers, ever improving. I cut it in a 12 without measuring and thankfully, it fits me like a glove!

After this, I should probably move onto making things for the baby. He'll be here very soon!

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