Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green Thumbs Unite

I finally got everything potted for my balcony garden. Having a balcony garden is advantageous for really only one reason: there are no rabbits or deer to ravage your crop on the third floor. Other than that, I would much rather be planting in my own yard. Le sigh...... Anyway, Having picked up all my herbs a couple weekends ago, I still needed soil, some potted flowers and hanging plants. I found these at Meijer of all places. Their garden center was bustling and their prices were way better than the local nursery we stopped at. Sorry. I do try to shop locally as much as possible but their baskets were $50. The ones I bought were only $15.

Here are my babies.

This is one of my hanging baskets. They're called Super Bells. The red ones are Scarlet and the others are Yellow Chiffon.

Here is the other hanging pot. I just love this vibrant blue color. I don't know if the picture does it justice. Sadly, I have no idea what this flower is. The little tag that tells you all about it is non-existent. Sad face. I will still enjoy him, nameless as he is.

Here are my potted friends, clockwise from the left. That's Genovese Basil, we use this in LOTS of summertime recipes so I hope he stays very hearty. Then the first of a cocktail of Begonia in red. Then, my bay leaf tree. Fresh bay leaves! Below that is the white variety of the cocktail Begonia and then the pink one, Gin, that's the only one whose name I can remember. I just have this little table for them to sit on so they are a bit crowded. Something disadvantageous about balcony gardening is the lack of space.

Here are my herb beds. From left to right: Sage, Oregano, Rosemary, and Cilantro. Sadie is inspecting them for me. I want these to thrive too. I've got big plans for them.

And here is my Husky Red tomato plant! Last year, a lost a number of tomatoes to what I'm told is tomato blight. Let's not have that happen again this year. They are ear-marked for salsa, bruschetta, and countless margherita pizzas. I need him to grow up big and strong. I do not really like tomatoes all that much but I do like them in things. I will not pick one just to eat it though.

Stay tuned for progress reports!

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