Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sloppy Buffalo Joes

Some time ago, John put sloppy joes on the 'Do Not Make' list. I'm not sure why because we didn't have them very often. Maybe once a month, max. Nevertheless, he's tired of them. This is unfortunate because they have two hallmarks of a great dinner: 1) cheap, 2) fast. The only reason I agreed to put them on the DNM list is because the mix we use is chock full of sodium. Not good. We're trying our darnedest to cut out sodium wherever possible.

When I stumbled on this recipe, I thought I could sneak it past him as a different kind of joe. Not only does John love all things buffalo, but this one doesn't have any additional sodium and has bonus veggies. Two thumbs up, eh?

It's from Rachael Ray and can be found on her site and here on the Food Network. For some reason, I can't find the one I printed out for myself a few weeks ago. That one only used a pound of meat. The one I linked to uses 2 lbs. Far too much for 2 eaters, even with leftovers. So, I recommend halving this recipe. We used ground turkey. There are a lot of ingredients but most of it I had on hand. They were mighty tasty. These joes have entered the dinner rotation for sure!

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